Trappist  Tastings

   Tasty, educational and fun!     

The Kloostergang organizes interesting and fun Tastings. During his tasting you will learn about the Order of the Trappists, the abbeys, the beers and so much more. This while you always support a charity during the tasting.  

Do you want to discover more than just beer? We also offer various other products during a tasting such as cheese, bread, chocolate, wines, ..

  WHERE can you enjoy this heavenly pleasure?

In the Kloostergang 

Where better to organize a tasting than in the place with the largest Trappist map in the world. In the heart of Aarschot you will discover the Trappist world in a unique setting. You will taste craftsmanship and we take you through word and image into this interesting Trappist world.

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Picture: Kloostergang, AarschotOdoo • Tekst en afbeelding
Picture: Wijnkasteel Haksberg, Tielt WingeOdoo + afbeelding en tekst

On location  

We are happy to visit you on site to enjoy the various Trappist beers together. We discover different tastes and smells, while we always tell anecdotes. We taste well-known but often unknown international Trappists. Ideal as a fun team building or for large groups. Besides the taste this can be quite educational as there is lots to learn on how monks do business.

Learn as a team, the tradition,  the value and standards of the monks during this surprising activity for associations and companies.

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At your home

When there are Trappist beers driving is never a good idea cause everyone wants to participate. Having a tasting at your home can be a solution.. Together we will discover the Trappist world at your home. We take our glasses, beers and nice anecdotes with us and test our taste sensors together.

We taste different Trappists at your pace and learn something about our Belgian beer culture. A small group of friends or a large family, ideal for learning something fun together. Add a cheese some mustard and the experience is complete!

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Picture: Zundert tasting Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding

Want to pour your own Trappist?

We also rent out a mobile tap so you can enjoy a freshly cold poured Trappist at your events. We supply these with matching Co2 + barrels + glasses.

Want to learn how to Pour beer? We offer a range of 'How to Pour' courses in-house or at your event. 


Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding