A Tribute straight from the heart.

Two close friends, Kenny en Koen, wander from abbey to abbey and knock on the door of the Cistercians. They are welcomed with open arms.    

They get to know the monks. Have deep conversations and are impressed by the authentic way of life and inspiring way of life of the Trappists.    

The trust is mutual and the young guests receive the open support of the Trappist abbeys and the International Trappist Association (ITA).  

They want to share this experience with you because Trappist is so much more than just a beer.



Taste and experience Trappist like never before. Let us guide you in a world full of Cistercian monks and Trappist abbey breweries.

When are we open?

Every day open from 2pm till midnight.

Tuesday & Wednesday closed.

    Diestsestraat 7, 3200 Aarschot

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How do people rate their experience at De Kloostergang? 

Review on Google   ( De Kloostergang Google Rating: 4,8/5)

2 young passionate guests who run a Trappist cafe very well. Original and nice decor, little brown cafe from the past and all the Trappists of the whole world on the map. Some special ones also on draught ... very exceptional you think. Definitely keep doing it. You can also eat very tasty cheese and meat plates ... everything from Trappist monasteries.

 Kurt Vanwezer, Belgium

Review on TripAdvisor    (De Kloostergang TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5)

Brilliant business with a fantastic concept! This business is run by two passionate young guests. A delicious collection of Trappist beers, known and (for me) unknown! You can also enjoy an assortment of cheese and other products. There is a cozy atmosphere in the bar and it is beautifully decorated with beautiful decorations!

Brent de wijngaert, Belgium

Review on  Facebook    (De Kloostergang Facebook Rating: 4,9/5)

Terribly beautiful beers, delicious cheese, tasty mustard and beautiful beer packages with Trappist beers! 

Arvid Bergström, The Netherlands 
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Grand Fondue à la Trappist

Enjoy the real flavor of Trappist Cheese.

This unique cheese is accompanied with the famous Kloostervarken and freshly baked Ciabbata's from the Westmalle Abbey.

Artisanal Hot Trappist Stew
Enjoy a delicious hot stew thats filled with love and Trappist ingredients.
Book your table for lunch or dinner  

We solely offer this 2 dishes.

The biggest Trappist online shop in the world!


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The Trappist monks brew to live, and not the other way around. They do this with so much respect for tradition, people, society and the environment ... we can all really  take an example from that way of doing business.



We lived with the monks in their community and had a taste of the life within the walls. Honestly, I couldn't do it myself. But I greatly admire it and understand why they make that choice.



You would think that the monks live in the past. 'Nothing is less true'. They are constantly innovating while staying true to their roots. The sales are growing, which in turn benefit their many charity works.



The monks don't push their products to the market. Nevertheless, their beers are wanted everywhere around the world. But also because it is so different from everything else. Many companies can learn from the way monks do business.